AFPC  East Henrico Location (Main Sanctuary)
5000 Probst Street
Richmond, VA 23231
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Phone: (804) 222-0350       Fax: (804) 222-0351

Sunday Morning Worship 11 AM
Wednesday Night Prayer & Bible Class  7 PM

AFPC West Location
3816 Cumberland Road
Cumberland, VA 23040
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Phone: (804) 403-3520

Sunday Morning Worship 8 AM
Tuesday Night Prayer & Bible Class 8 PM

We greet you in the Precious Name of Our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ!

We are delighted and honored that you have chosen to view our website. While you are here, we hope that you will be inspired to connect with our Vision of Victory. As you spend time here, please pursue every aspect of our site. It is informative and also prayerfully inspiring. When you are in our area, remember that our doors always swing on welcome hinges; where a warm heart awaits you, the presence of the Lord will greet you, and God’s spoken word will be ministered to you. May the peace of God be with you and the blessings of the Lord keep you.

To spread the gospel of Jesus Christ by helping to transform lives, heal broken hearts, winning souls to Christ with the God kind of love; that all may come to know him in the fullness of Spirit and Truth, and to receive eternal life in Christ Jesus.

We see ourselves standing on the principles of the Gospel of Jesus Christ; serving others with God’s love, excellence, integrity, and compassion; producing spiritual leaders, empowering others with wisdom and knowledge in serving and supporting; as we continue to live our daily lives in coming to full maturity with patience and endurance, to receive God’s appointed promises and destiny for our lives.