We are so excited about how God is blessing AFPC Ministry and you, my friend, can be a part of this blessing. The Anointed Fellowship Praise Church Media Ministry is dedicated to fulfill the vision and mission of our Senior Pastor; Bishop James Miller, Jr. to reach souls worldwide. As we move forward in this vision, we are in need of loyal individuals willing to support the spreading of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Becoming a partner with AFPC Ministry means you are sowing into fertile ground. One can trust you are sowing into a Ministry that strongly desire to save souls and share the love of Jesus Christ.

Media Mission Statement:
To enrich the lives of others outside and within the church setting by addressing their physical,emotional,and spiritual needs, by extending our media resources to as many as possible. That the Word of God will reach souls throughout the world, bringing salvation, deliverance, healing, prosperity, and hope to the lives of all that have a listening ear.

TOGETHER we can reach souls,
TOGETHER we can teach minds,

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